All In The Cards: Week 3 (Abridged Edition)

Welcome to an abridged edition of All In The Cards! Because I was busy this week and because this is coming out late, this week I won’t have an in-depth analysis of the Arizona Cardinals matchup with the San Francisco 49ers. Luckily these two teams will face again later in the season so I’ll still have a chance to go in-depth then. Hope you enjoy and if you do, make sure to follow my in-game tweets with the hashtag #Allinthecards. Without further ado, my week three predictions:

Cardinals Week 3 Predictions

  • Arizona 34, San Francisco 17: I’ve had some time to objectively look at the Cardinals two wins and I realize that neither team was as goo d as I thought they were. That’s especially true of the Saints and Bears defenses. However, worrying about the Cards offense against better defenses is a concern for another week as the Cards face a 49ers defense that just gave up 43 points on the road at Pittsburgh. Add the fact that a couple of key offensive linemen could return for this game and I feel that Arizona will win in a blowout.

Other Week 3 Predictions:

  • New York Giants 26, Washington 23: Figured that the Giants would turn it around as you have to be good enough to have a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter to be able to lose it. We’ll see if this is the kind of win that propels their season forward.
  • Atlanta 23, Dallas 13: It’s not that I entirely don’t trust Brandon Weeden, it’s just that I think the Falcons are going to make enough plays to take advantage of the fact that the Cowboys will be playing without their two most important offensive players. In the long-term I think the Cowboys defense will be able to win some games but this isn’t one of those games.
  • Baltimore 27, Cincinnati 20: This is a must-win game for the Ravens plus it is also at home. I know I’m going to be incorrect a few times this week because I’m unable to admit that some surprise 0-2 teams just aren’t good this year and I feel this could be one of those instances. But my gut tells me they pull this win out against a division rival.
  • Cleveland 20, Oakland 16: This game is a complete toss-up but I think I’ll lean towards the Browns based on their defense and the fact that they are at home. I’d like to see more consistency from the Raiders offense before I decide to pick them again.
  • Indianapolis 31, Tennessee 17: Come on the Colts have to turn it around this week right? The Titans will give them a tough fight but Andrew Luck will show why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. However, if they lose this game I have a bad feeling that this team will implode.
  • Pittsburgh 31, St. Louis 23: The best way to explain the Rams performance last week against Washington is that this team is a lot more comfortable playing at home than on the road. For that reason I think they rebound this week against the Steelers. I don’t think it will be enough for the win but the game will be a lot closer than some might think.
  • Minnesota 24, San Diego 20: I’ve been impressed with how competitive the Chargers have been this season. However, I would say that I was more impressed with how the Vikings bounced back last week after a rough start to the season. That and the fact that the game is in Minnesota is why I’m picking the Vikings.
  • New England 38, Jacksonville 10: Even though the Jaguars are coming off a promising win against the Dolphins, the Patriots are playing on a entirely different level and will want to blow someone out after letting the Bills back into the game last week. I could totally see Tom Brady throw four or five touchdowns in this game.
  • Carolina 19, New Orleans 10: Even if the Saints did have Drew Brees I would still pick the Panthers. Carolina is just a much better team overall and is playing at a high level to start the season. I kept the score close but this is one of those games where if the Panthers score a few times early this could turn into a blowout.
  • Philadelphia 24, New York Jets 23: I have to give a ton of kudos to Todd Bowles on a successful start to his head coaching career. That being said, I don’t think the Jets are going to stay undefeated much longer. Also add the fact that the Eagles are too good to start the season 0-3 and this result makes sense. Then again Bowles had success against the Eagles when he was the Cards defensive coordinator…
  • Houston 19, Tampa Bay 17: Complete toss-up game for me. I think the difference will be J.J. Watt and the Texans defense getting after Jameis Winston and making him uncomfortable all game. Also the fact that DeAndre Hopkins practiced this week after sustaining a concussion is nothing but good news for the Texans.
  • Buffalo 28, Miami 17: There’s a chance that the Dolphins are not as good as people, including me, expected. This will be a key game that could determine if the Dolphins still have a chance to be a legit playoff team. However I feel the Bills will bounce back from their loss to the Patriots and take this game early.
  • Seattle 33, Chicago 13: I saw Jimmy Clausen play last week and the fact that he goes against a Seahawks defense that finally has Kam Chancellor back and is in desperate need of a win, I see nothing but a very long afternoon for the Bears. This also might be the game where the Seahawks offense starts getting back on track.
  • Denver 24, Detroit 16: Even if Peyton Manning is only good but not great, you never bet against him in primetime games. I learned that the hard way last week. As for the Lions they only have themselves to blame if they start the season 0-3.
  • Green Bay 30, Kansas City 17: The only reasoning I really need is that this game is in Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers always play perfectly in Green Bay. The only worry here is if this might be a letdown game for the Packers after they finally defeated the Seahawks but the fact that it’s a Monday night game should keep them focused.

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