All In The Cards: Week 9 Recap

Welcome to the week nine recap of All In the Cards! . Quite a few interesting games this week, some with implications that may affect the rest of some teams’ seasons. This week’s recap will be a little shorter than usual but look forward to some new content coming during the next few days. I hope you enjoy and if you do make sure to follow me on Twitter @QTipsforsports or just search the hashtag #Allinthecards for in-game thoughts and analysis. Without further ado, let’s see how I did with my week nine picks:

How I did with my Week 9 NFL predictions:

  • Cincinnati 31, Cleveland 10: Whether it’s because of the short week of preparation or not, for the second straight week the Browns played a contender extremely tough in the first half and then fell apart completely in the second half. I don’t know for sure but my best guess is that the Browns see that their first half game plan is working and they don’t make halftime adjustments, giving the opposing team an advantage when they make adjustments. (1-0)
  • Buffalo 33, Miami 17: It seems the Dolphins have come back to earth after starting 2-0 under Dan Campbell. Meanwhile the Bills are starting to get healthy again and just in time as they looked like where fading after the loss to the Jaguars. A huge matchup with the Jets awaits them Thursday, which hurts the Bills chances of having LeSean McCoy ready for the game. (1-1)
  • Carolina 37, Green Bay 29: While I don’t want to go overboard since the Packer’s last two losses have been on the road against undefeated teams, it’s how the two teams defeated the Packers. A week after being completely shut down by the Broncos defense, the Packers were again slowed down until a late fourth quarter charge almost sent the game to overtime. The Packers’ defense has also been dreadful, letting both Peyton Manning and Cam Newton do whatever they wanted. The Packers are still a playoff team, but they seem to not match up well against aggressive defenses. (1-2)
  • Tennessee 34, New Orleans 28: The Titans look to finally be back on track with this win as well as with the return of Marcus Mariota. However, they have a tough test this week as they face the Panthers. As for the Saints, I knew one or both of the defenses from that epic 51-48 win over the Giants would feel the aftereffects and it looks like the answer is the Saints defense. (1-3)
  • Pittsburgh 38, Oakland 35: While the Steelers were able to pull out a must-win game, they may have to face the daunting task of having to survive without both Ben Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell for awhile. Then again, Roethlisberger could start against the Browns because you can never count him out. The Raiders are still looking good as their offense continues to impress. (2-3)
  • Minnesota 21, St. Louis 18: Am I surprised the Rams injured an opposing quarterback? No not at all, but not because I think we have another bountygate brewing. The Rams have a very aggressive defense with the philosophy of hitting the opposing quarterback as much as legally possible. Of course, with that mentality comes the possibility of illegal hits. I think the Vikings could be in real trouble if Teddy Bridgewater misses multiple weeks as they face a competitive Raiders team this week followed by their first duel with the rival Packers the next week. (3-3)
  • New England 27, Washington 10: The loss of Dion Lewis will hurt the Patriots running game a little, but not enough to make Patriots’ fans worry about the team’s championship aspirations. After all, Tom Brady is still playing like an MVP candidate. Meanwhile the Redskins continue to play fairly well as they held the Patriots to their lowest point total of the season. The problem was that the Redskins put themselves in too big of a hole to start the game, so they never had a chance to compete. (4-3)
  • New York Jets 28, Jacksonville 23: The Jets really caught a break when the Jaguars fell apart in the fourth quarter, because if they didn’t the Jets would be on a three-game losing streak with a Thursday night matchup with the Bills next. As for the Jaguars, who showed resilience against the Bills the week before, this was a big step backwards. (5-3)
  • San Francisco 17, Atlanta 16: I have to give credit to Blaine Gabbert as he played a lot better than I expected. The 49ers as a whole really played like the season wasn’t lost yet which is a good turnaround from the previous weeks. Meanwhile the Falcons lose their second straight to a mediocre team and are starting to raise questions about the legitimacy of their record. (5-4)
  • New York Giants 32, Tampa Bay 18: Unlike the Saints, the Giants’ defense was able to turn things around after that 51-48 offensive classic. A lot of that had to do with the return of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who pressured Jameis Winston five times and even got one QB hit in his first game back with the Giants. The Buccaneers continue to go through growing pains, this time not ending drives and having to settle for field goals. (6-4)
  • Indianapolis 27, Denver 24: Everyone knew it would happen eventually. If the Broncos defense has an off-day, can the offense carry them to a win? To Peyton Manning and the offense’s credit, they almost did but it wasn’t enough. Also I need to give a lot of credit to the Colts for finally looking like the Colts we envisioned at the start of the season. Now can the Colts keep it up while having to play without Andrew Luck? (6-5)
  • Philadelphia 33, Dallas 27: The Cowboys remain winless without Tony Romo and realistically will need to stay undefeated with Tony Romo (Cowboys are already 2-0 when Romo starts) to have any shot of still winning the division. That might be too steep of a mountain to climb. Meanwhile, Sam Bradford had arguably his best game as an Eagle as he came in clutch with the overtime touchdown pass to Jordan Matthews. (7-5)
  • Chicago 22, San Diego 19: For all the talk of Jay Cutler being a bad quarterback, it should be noted that all three of the Bears’ wins were won by Cutler leading a late drive for the go-ahead score. As for the Chargers, Philip Rivers was dealt yet another blow as he has lost his second receiver in two weeks, this time losing Malcom Floyd after loosing Keenan Allen last week. (8-5)

Week 9 Record: 8-5
Season Record: 86-46 (.652)
Perfect Score Predictions: 2

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