All In The Cards: Is It Safe To Jump On The Cardinals Bandwagon? (Week 3 Recap)

Welcome to another abridged edition of All In The Cards! We’ll get back to my regular analysis this Friday but for now let’s see how my predictions faired and whether or not it is safe for people to jump on the Cardinals bandwagon. Hope you enjoy and if you do make sure to follow me on twitter @QTipsforsports or find my in-game thoughts with the hashtag #Allinthecards. Without further ado, let’s recap my week three predictions:

How I Did With My Week 3 Predictions:

  • Arizona 47, San Francisco 7: If you want to jump on the Cardinals bandwagon I won’t stop you (we always happily accept new members!) but for those who are on the fence I would say wait one more week. If the Cards can get through the Rams unscathed (whether intentional or not, a lot of quarterbacks get injured facing the Rams) then I would say you are free to jump on without regret. As for the 49ers, abandon all hope as what I saw Sunday was the worst 49ers team I have seen in my 12 years as a Cardinals fan and there have been some bad 49ers teams. (17-16)
  • New York Giants 32, Washington 21: Figured that the Giants would turn it around as you have to be good enough to have a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter to be able to lose it. We’ll see if this is the kind of win that propels their season forward. (18-16)
  • Atlanta 39, Dallas 28: All I can say is that you can’t pin this one on the Cowboys offense. I’m pretty sure that if you told anyone that this Cowboys offense would put up 28 points that they would say that Dallas would win. There just seems to be a new hope in Atlanta, as Dan Quinn and his staff have rejuvenated both the offense and the defense. (19-16)
  • Cincinnati 28, Baltimore 24: I knew I was going to be incorrect about a few 0-2 teams but honestly this game was so good I don’t care that I got it wrong. The Ravens luckily have one last shot to turn things around as they face a Roethlisberger-less Steelers on Thursday but if they lose that one you can stick a fork in them. As for the Bengals, they look like the favorites to take the AFC North crown yet again. (19-17)
  • Oakland 27, Cleveland 20: I wrote last week that I needed to see consistency from the Raiders offense before I picked them again and I saw just that against the Browns. It seems that the best-case scenario for Derek Carr is happening and you can’t help but feel a little happy for a Raiders fan base that has been in a deep depression the past decade. As for the Browns, while not entirely Josh McCown’s fault, it’s a bad sign that both losses have come with him as the starter. (19-18)
  • Indianapolis 35, Tennessee 33: I know the Colts won the game. I know that it was a divisional game on the road against a feisty Titans team. I know that the Colts finally found some kind of running game. I know that the Colts had a ton of pressure on them after the 0-2 start. It’s just that I walk away from this game not that impressed with the Colts. Show me a win where they take control of a game and I’ll feel a lot better. (20-18)
  • Pittsburgh 12, St. Louis 6: It’s almost as if every quarterback-dependant team is getting a taste of what the Cardinals had to go through last season. I feel especially bad for the Steelers as Roethlisberger was playing at an MVP-level. Luckily they will get him back relatively soon. The Rams need to beat the Cardinals or come close to beating them as that opening week win is starting to fade fast and in its place is frustration and a possible call for change.(21-18)
  • Minnesota 31, San Diego 14: Can we just take a moment to appreciate that we have Adrian Peterson back to being himself again? The Vikings are starting to look like the sleeper team I and many other people saw before the season and the Chargers are starting to come back to reality as well. (22-18)
  • New England 51, Jacksonville 17: I apologize to Jaguars fans but I saw this one coming. While last week’s win against the Dolphins was a step in the right direction, there is still a ways to go and the Patriots proved that this week. Did you know this Patriots offense has outscored the famous 2007 offense to this point in the season? That blows my mind. (23-18)
  • Carolina 27, New Orleans 22: Props to Luke McCown and the rest of the Saints for making the game as close as it was on Sunday. Maybe it’s just the competition they have faced up to this point, but I’m not nearly as impressed with the Panthers 3-0 start as I am with the Falcons 3-0 start. If they can put the Bucs away quickly next week that could change my mind. (24-18)
  • Philadelphia 24, New York Jets 17: Speaking about not being impressed, the Eagles were so lucky that the Jets were set on losing that game. In all seriousness, I came away from that game feeling that the Jets were the superior team and that the Eagles are on track for a 5-11 season. (25-18)
  • Houston 19, Tampa Bay 9: I think the decision to drop Andre Johnson and center the passing game around DeAndre Hopkins is starting to make a lot more sense, especially after their respective performances Sunday (Johnson went without a catch and Hopkins caught eight passes for 101 yards and a score). Jameis Winston continues to be very inaccurate in his losses, hitting under 50% of his passes against the Texans. (26-18)
  • Buffalo 41, Miami 14: I expected the Bills to win this game comfortably but not this comfortably. Tyrod Taylor’s success has become one of the biggest stories early in the season and proves that almost any quarterback can flourish in the right system. Meanwhile the Dolphins are an absolute mess at the moment and I would not be surprised if Joe Philbin is fired in the next couple of weeks if things don’t magically turn around. (27-18)
  • Seattle 26, Chicago 0: A shutout is impressive regardless of the opponent. Making your opponent punt on all ten of its possessions is very impressive. However, that means the Seahawks didn’t create a single turnover against a Jimmy Clausen-led offense. Furthermore, the Seahawks mustered only one touchdown and four field goals against possibly the worst defense in the NFL. I’m not trying to bash the Seahawks (too much), I’m just saying that those who say Seattle is back after this win need to realize they still have a ways to go before they can think about another NFC title. (28-18)
  • Denver 24, Detroit 12: Easily Peyton Manning’s best game this season and possibly in his last eight games overall. When he can play like that and the Broncos defense can shut teams down like they have so far this season, I wouldn’t hand the AFC to the Patriots just yet. The Lions are now 0-3 and face the Seahawks and the Cardinals the next two weeks. Good luck with that. (29-18)
  • Green Bay 38, Kansas City 28: Aaron Rodgers is the reason I, a diehard Arizona Cardinals fan, am not ready to call the Cardinals the early NFC favorite. While I believe Arizona’s defense is much better than Green Bay’s defense, Rodgers is playing at such a high level it might not matter how good a defense is performing. The fact he’s doing this without Jordy Nelson just solidifies Rodgers as the best quarterback in the NFL. (30-18)

Week 3 Record: 14-2 (One heck of a bounce back performance)
Season Record: 30-18
Perfect Score Predictions: 1