New Home For Hoosiers In The NBA (Links To Previous Articles)

From now on all future Hoosiers In The NBA will be posted on this site. While all previous Hoosier In The NBA posts will remain on IUSportCom, I will link them all down below so you can easily access them. Go check them out as well as other great content from Indiana University students studying in sports media!

Previous Hoosiers In The NBA:

Week 1: A Preseason Full Of Injuries and Mysteries (10/29/14)
Week 2: Zeller > Gordon? (11/7/15)
Week 3: Zeller’s Consistency and Gordon’s Inconsistency (11/14/14)
Week 4: Vonleh and the Masked Oladipo’s Debut (11/24/14)
Week 5: A Career Week For Zeller (12/2/14)
Week 6: Oladipo Starts Showing Improvement (12/10/14)
Week 7: December Ups and Downs & Adjustments For 2015 (12/26/14)
Week 8: Playing Well Despite Bad Team Performance (1/5/15)
Week 9: Eric Gordon’s Successful Return (1/12/15)
Week 10: Oladipo’s New Year Transformation (1/19/15)
Week 11: Catching Up With Christian Watford In The D-League (1/26/15)
Week 12: Zeller and Vonleh Set Career-Highs Against Nuggets (2/2/15)
Week 13: In Desperate Need Of An (All-Star Weekend) Break (2/9/15)
Week 14: Oladipo Impresses, But Ultimately Falls Short (2/16/15)
Week 15: Trade Deadline Changes Nothing (2/23/15)
Week 16: Best “Zeller vs. Oladipo” Matchup To Date (3/2/15)
Week 17: Scoring Machines (3/9/15)
Week 18: March Madness Infects Pro Hoosiers (3/23/15)
Week 19: Playoffs In Doubt For Pro Hoosiers? (3/30/15)
Week 20: Vonleh’s Time To Shine? (4/6/15)
Week 21: Oladipo Earns “Last Shot” Privileges (4/13/15)
Week 22: Gordon Finally Makes The Playoffs (4/20/15)
Week 23/Playoffs: Gordon’s Overshadowed But Still Fantastic First Playoff Series (4/27/15)
Week 24/2014-2015 Season Recap: End Of The Season Report Cards (5/5/15)